Denver Art Museum’s New Exhibit Embraces Generational Shifts in Latin American Art


A new exhibition at the Denver Art Museum embraces generational shifts in Latin American art. DAM has always had a great collection of Latino and Latina art.



The new exhibition “Who tells a story adds a tail”, develops the collection and brings it into the modern world.

It is a contemporary exhibition with art from all over Latin America. Curator Raphael Fonseca says he wanted to put it together to give new artists who haven’t been recognized in the United States a chance to shine.

“Millennials, I mean that generation more or less between 26 and 40, sometimes don’t have a lot of space in museums,” Fonseca said.

He also wants to give the Colorans a taste of what it means to be a young Latino or Latina from the perspective of the people who experience it.

“So I thought, ‘Well, why not then have this group of artists who are interested in ideas of fiction on an exhibition where the relationship with Latin America is not always explicit and literal?’ “, Fonseca said.

“My students didn’t know anything about Colombian history,” said Colombian artist Gabriela Pinilla. “So I decided that for the graduation project in college, I would do like books, picture books.”

Pinilla’s work tells the story of a Colombian freedom fighter. She became an artist to educate the world about the struggle faced by Colombians.

“I think it’s important that the work be here, as in other places in the world, to understand Colombian history from another side,” Pinilla explained.

The exhibition features 19 artists, and each of them brings a story from their home country like that of Gabriela, whose only wish is that she could have shared this moment with those who helped create her chef. -work.

“The two sisters who told me all these stories, like I really wish they were here,” Pinilla said.

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