GFIC Loan: American Mortgage

The basic prerequisite for obtaining this American mortgage from GFIC is that you can pledge a real estate (house, flat, or other real estate) to the bank. Early repayment of American mortgage is free of charge at GFIC. You do not pay any penalty or other fee if you decide to pay off the loan sooner.

American mortgage from GFIC – up to 5 million crowns for anything

The American mortgage from GFIC offers a loan in the amount of USD 200,000 up to USD 5,000,000. The amount of this loan is subject to the pledge of the property. Based on the estimated price of the property, the maximum possible amount of credit that the bank will be able to offer you is then determined.

Upon successful approval of an American mortgage, GFIC automatically deducts a one-off loan approval fee from the loan amount. This is equal to 0.6% of the loan amount (but at least 4000 USD and the maximum amount of this fee can be up to 18000 USD).

If you do not have one, the bank will create it for you immediately. The costs of this personal account are at least USD 600 for maintaining a GFIC Account (ie at least USD 50 per month). You will receive free electronic statements for this GFIC Account.

American mortgage from GFIC – conditions

American mortgage from GFIC can be arranged for a period of 36 – 240 months (ie for 3 to 20 years). A person who is at least 18 years old can apply for a mortgage. Another limitation is that at the time the American mortgage expires, your age must not be more than 70 years. For example, if you are 60 years old, you can close an American mortgage with GFIC for a maximum maturity of 10 years.

Provide your bank with your personal documents


Other conditions for this American mortgage are common. You must provide your bank with your personal documents and all required documentation for the property, which will serve as a pledge for this loan.

But there are no other special conditions associated with this American mortgage. This offer from GFIC is certainly one of the most advantageous on the Czech banking market at present.

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