How Yueko’s Cute Girls’ Artworks Are Catching Attention



This New Zealand artist has showcased an enchanting collection of digital art that has earned him wide recognition.

Until now, artists have enchanted audiences by presenting their works through traditional channels, but that has changed to a more technologically advanced and futuristic state. Web 3 has brought a number of new advancements, a large part of which is digital assets. NFTs have gained particular attention due to their penetration into all industries that include art to a large extent. Although NFTs, like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, have been subject to bouts of volatility since hitting the mainstream scene, artists like Beeple have managed to sell their work for $69 million, who put this technology in the limelight. Today, many are diligently following this space as they have realized its value and potential for future growth.

The sale of digital art via NFTs has steadily increased and some popular marketplaces, such as OpenSea, have exhibited artist collections that boast over 26,000 users, regularly exceeding sales volumes in the billions. This has resulted in many artists jumping into this area and listing their works. Yueko is one such artist who gained immense popularity lately thanks to her spectacular collection of digital art which revolved around pretty girls. His work was widely appreciated on social media, which encouraged him to go further and list his work as NFTs on OpenSea (

This New Zealand-based illustrator was very impressed with the kind of promise this emerging technology called NFT has shown and has taken every step to be part of it. He says that although his work is widely appreciated, there is still a large untapped market and this can be done through NFTs, which have enormous potential for multiple growth in the future. His impressive collection can be viewed on his official website, You can also follow him on Twitter @yueko__ for the latest updates on his work.

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