Philadelphia Museum of Art workers on strike once again


PHILADELPHIA — The union at the Philadelphia Museum of Art has nearly 200 members and is part of AFSCME Local 397. He is also a member of District 47 Council. Union members say management violated federal law by paying workers wages and benefits below the national average and denying them the ability to support their families. family.

Union members feel the museum is ignoring their needs. They say the museum has been denying them fair treatment for two years. Union leaders tried to negotiate a contract, but to no avail. Museum workers are demanding a living wage and health benefits. Often, museum workers work two jobs to survive.

Despite the strike, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is still open. Workers stage protests outside the building. Their signs say “Fair Contract Now!” and sing “What does PMA have to hide?” Even the Philadelphia City Council supports them.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is an art museum in Philadelphia. It was chartered in 1876 as part of the centenary exhibition. Its current building was completed in 1928 on Fairmount, a hill northwest of Benjamin Franklin Parkway near the Eakins Oval.

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