The Figge Art Museum continues its mission and replaces the windows of the summer filming


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – The Figge Art Museum is replacing windows damaged by a summer shooting this week. As the investigation into the incident continues, the museum seeks to rebuild itself and continue to focus on its mission.

On Sunday, June 6, several dozen shots were fired up the ramp at Redstone Parking, damaging the exterior of the Skybridge and the Figge Art Museum.

While no one was injured in this shooting, the same cannot be said of others in the area. This is why the museum hopes to continue its efforts in supporting the community through awareness raising.

“We would like to see ourselves as a community center and truly a cultural anchor,” said Michelle Hargrave, CEO and CEO of the museum. She said they continued to expand access to art for everyone.

“We know that not everyone has the same circumstances and opportunities is one of the ways to stop the cycle of hardship and inequality and to build bridges and promote a better future through artistic experiences”, she declared.

The museum also offers educational programs with Quad Cities school districts.

“We now have a wonderful opportunity that we are working on with Figge to increase graduation rates in our high school,” said Kathy Ruggeberg, PhD., The assistant superintendent of the Rock Island-Milan school district. She said their partnership with the Figge has been a huge asset.

“Art can be transformational, whether it’s visual arts, performing arts, I am a strong supporter of the arts and we know that art can increase students’ academic performance, we want therefore pursue this partnership in any way possible. “

They hope to promote better outcomes for young people through these efforts.

“What we ultimately want is for our families and students to receive opportunities that we might not otherwise be able to provide only as a single school district,” said Ruggeberg.

“Everyone has a possibility. Everyone has a better future and we need to focus on that rather than what is wrong and what is not possible for individuals, ”said Hargrave.

In addition to traditional local school districts, the museum’s programs serve other organizations and groups, including Scott County Juvenile Detention Center, Humility Homes and Services, and more.

Hargrave said that with incidents like this shooting it is important to see why such events are happening.

“A lot of it comes from not having the same experiences, the same circumstances and the same opportunities,” she said, “So if we can stop this cycle of hardship and inequality and improve the situation. people’s lives by opening their eyes to … what else is possible in them, so that’s a good place to start for us.

Hargrave said it took some time to replace the windows due to a special process and the materials needed to mimic today’s glass.

TV6 contacted Davenport Police regarding the June shooting. Officials say there is currently no new information at this time, but anyone with information is encouraged to contact Davenport Police or the Quad Cities Crime Stoppers.

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